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Compressie Sprayer Venus Pro+


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Compressie Sprayer 1,5ltr Venus Pro+

- Geschikt voor de voedingsindustrie
- Handdrukpomp met een inhoud van 1,5 liter
- Chemiebestendig
- In combinatie met een foam applicatie geschikt om mee te schuimen

Beschikbaarheid: In voorraad

€ 21,95


The family of Venus PRO+ pressure sprayers is a series of small professional sprayers, ranging from 1.0L to 2.0L for application and cleaning. They are mainly earmarked for home use but also, e.g. in filling stations or in medical facilities. They are simple to use and very efficient. Like their manual brother Mercury, their high quality and Viton seals guarantee fault-free operation. Sprayers Mercury Pro+ is also characterized by increased resistance to acidic and alkaline preparations.

  • working capacity: 1,0 l/1,5 l/2,0 l
  • weight: 0,45 kg/ 0,50 kg/ 0, 60 kg
  • seal: Viton

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